Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mac | Really Me

The nude lip. It is to make up what the little black dress is to fashion – all kinds of elegant, versatile and ultimately alluring. And, just like that little black dress, elusive in its perfection. There are the Yash’s of the Mac world, somewhat yielding towards the peach, and the Innocence Beware’s – paler than pale, but the type of glossy that isn’t always appropriate.

And then steps in Really Me.

Now, let me elaborate – I have been searching for this shade of Mac Matte since mid-December. First stop, Duty free Heathrow – had the tester but no stock. Second and third stop, Duty Free Dubai – no tester, no stock. Fourth stop, MAC Westfield – no tester, no stock. And as with that mischievous scarlet pimpernel, the ability to not find it made me want it more. Eventually rumours abounded of its triumphant return to the Mac website (Debenhams was not fruitful) and voilĂ , I now have possession of it!

So, what was it that sent me on this ever-deepening spiral of a search? Ultimately, it was the shade that captured my imagination. Mac's Snob is one of my favourite lipsticks, but can lean towards the unsubtle at times – Really Me adds a nuance of subtlety to a fairly neutral-toned pinky nude. It leans slightly mauve, matte in formulation, but soft in look, it creates the most pillowy of lips to pair with a plethora of eye and blush looks.