Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lush | Rosey Cheeks

When it comes to a cheeky pamper, Lush seems to always hit the nail on the head. I adore their bubble bars, and love mixing and matching their cleansers, and have had the pleasure of trying many of their famous fresh face masks. My issue tends to be remembering to use up the masks before their use-by date – I love the idea of newness far too much to stick faithfully to one pot before it’s time is up. So on that basis, I tend to have a few going at any one time. Now, from experience, I have to say Mask of Magnaminty is the star of the Lush Face Mask show, but on my latest visit, I spotted Rosey Cheeks. As my skin slowly but surely ages, I have noticed more redness and sensitivity than previously, and found myself charmed by the description:
“Find the happiness you seek by cleansing cheek to cheek with this gorgeously soothing fresh mask. A simple blend of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil to delicately calm the skin and restore balance. Whether you're feeling hot and bothered or just fancy showering your complexion with roses, cleansing calamine and kaolin will gently remove dirt while exquisite rose oil nourishes and tones your face. Smooth a generous layer of this mask over your skin and relax for 10-15 minutes, allowing the ingredients to get to work, before rinsing. Uncover calm, matte skin which says you've been kissed by a rose.”
A lot to claim, Lush, a lot to claim. So, as with all matters of cynicism, I thought I’d better see if Rosey Cheeks would live up to its claims

First of all, this mask is a lovely, soft, soft, soft milkshake pink. Impressed already! The clay is also soft, soft, soft, leading to the skin not feeling overly dried-out at the point at which the mask has set on the skin. The face doesn’t feel like it is about to crack if one smiles, and the whole mask experience is a pretty relaxing experience. Of course, this is helped along by the fact that I’m normally wallowing in the bath whilst this is on my skin.

And the results? After removal with a hot, wrung-out flannel, I find my skin to be calmer, softer and more toned. 

Much love,
Ani x

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Reviewing | Becca Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette

There comes a point in life where tasks and processes just become part of one’s routine: we forget to savour the process, to appreciate the end result. A rut, if you will. And a rut I did enter when it came to contouring. Once a wonderful, unique idea, contouring just became much of a muchness. It happens. Product just fulfil their job spec, indeed they do it very well, but a little freshness, a touch of the novel, and a process  steps back to being a joy. Enter the Becca Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette.
Now, this will never replace my Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, but it sure as hell sits nicely alongside it, works in tandem, and adds a little extra. Unlike the Sculpting Powder, the Becca sits slightly warmer on the coolness scale – adding a tad more warmth to the face. Still sculpted, still shadowy, just slightly warmer – more bronze, if you will, perfectly complemented by a peach-gold highlighter that just screams WOW.  The two together, built on the skin are just the thing for a night out – deepen the colour further by using the Kevyn Aucoin in the very hollows of the face.
On it’s own, sans highlighter, the lowlight colour is perfect for an everyday realistic shadow on the face. Buttery soft, ridiculously blendable, these powders make me feel as if I’m living the dream! Buffed onto the sides and tip of the nose, the temples, jawline and into eye-sockets, you’ve got an instant mocha monochromatic look to the skin that looks naturally sculpted and refined.

Much love,
Ani x

Friday, 9 October 2015

Tippex and Highlighter | Nails

A peculiar thing has passed over me lately – the necessity for nails that look as if they’ve been tippexed or highlighted. Clean, bright, white. Offensive, obnoxious, yellow. I blame those Kardashians – specifically I blame that Kylie and her envy-inducing one day white, next day yellow, always-pointed, hawks talons. I just adore them. 
Fascinatingly, they both bring within them a shed-load of compliments, and the beginnings of thought-provoking discussions. Who knew nail polish was so refined?

Much love,

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The One I didn’t need | Naked Smoky

This was the stuff that dreams were made of – I was beyond convinced that this would be the answer to all my palette prayers, and that my life would be made better by the mere inclusion of it within my make-up routine.
Alas, this was not to be. Beautiful as it may have been, and there is no doubt that Urban Decay have refined their presentation – tortoiseshell hard case – and the tools they now provide, double-sided beautiful brush, through to the little tri-fold instruction card on how to create certain looks, this just didn’t do it for me. Pigmentation, spot on as usual, colours beautiful, but I almost didn’t find a cohesion to the shades – individually beautiful, definitely, but together, a little more of a mismatch than I would have liked, and I am quite the queen of mismatching. 
But a palette, to me, needs to be fully workable under all conditions, whatever the occasion may throw up – that is the essence of a palette. What I did find, and this may just make it the perfect palette for some, is that many of these are brilliant add-on shades. Need a little highlight, some glitter, or some extra smoke? There’s a colour in there for all of these. I love my Naked original, and will be sticking to that, but for some, this will be the palette of dreams.

Much love,