Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Current | Skincare Potions A.M.

As you may know, I loooooove skincare, I'm constantly on the hunt for things that will perfect my face, and I think I've finally found the right routine for me!  So without further ado, these are the products I use after cleansing:
Toner: REN Clarifying Toner, tightens pores and refreshes my skin.
Serum: Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector - mentioned in my April Faves almost finished, gave me amazing results - I don't have a lot of money this month, and my Boots points balance (which I normally use to buy my serums) is not quite high enough, so I'm thinking of buying the Manuka Doctor Serum next.
Moisturiser: REN T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid - first moisturiser to leave me without a shiny face all day long!  Raved about it here.
SPF: Heliocare Ultra SPF90 Gel - reviewed briefly in my Summer Sun post: yummy smelling and the ultimate protection.
Eyes: Eucerin AQUAporin Active Eye Cream - the best cream for keeping away my eczema. Very light lotion, soothes and calms the eye area.  Good for younger skins.  Review available here.
Lips: Burts Bees, my HG lipbalm.  Every person - male and female - should have at least one of these!
I find this routine helps out with the health of my skin, keeps shine from my face, and keeps my make up on my face!
Love A.x


  1. Love REN! this is a good little routine you have going! :)