Saturday, 31 March 2012

Review | Lipcote

I love lippy.  I really think its the finishing touch to a made-up face, but as I'm sure all you girls know, lippy can be a terror in terms of wear time!  I try and prep my lips with lipbalm, and if I have time do the apply, blot, apply routine to extend the wear, but meh I'm not convinced at how well it works.  So I picked up Lipcote.  My memory of lipcote is OUCH it stung.  
This new formula, however, is not stingy, so that's a plus!  It does extend wear time, so another plus!  BUT I have a habit of smooshing my lips together, and herein lies the lipcote problem.  It pills!  You know what I mean, like when you put too much moisturiser on and rub it and get bits of rubberised moisturiser on your hand.  It does that!  Kind of reminds me of when you were  little and put PVA glue on your hand and it flaked off.  Anyways, basically, this is never going to be a product that works for me, because I like smooshing my lips!  HOWEVER if you don't smoosh your lips, I think this is a fabulous product!
Hope that helps!
Love A.x


  1. how come your lipcote has a shiny gold top?! which one is this one? oh and btw, lipcote peels even when i don't rub my lips together! all i need to do is stretch my lips and it all peels off! even when i apply it saying 'ah' ...strange product!

    1. Haha, I don't know why mine's got a gold lid..I just presumed they were all like that! and yes, super strange product!