Sunday, 26 February 2012

An ASOS Rant...

Dear all, today I'm in a rant-y mood!  To be specific, an ASOS rant-y mood.  Why, you say, do I rant?  Well, I believe that they are getting a little complacent!  Once I ordered a pair of earrings.  They arrived broken, so I sent them back ticking the 'exchange' box, only to find myself refunded!  I was annoyed because they had been on sale with quite a hefty discount, and when I contacted customer services, I was told even though it was their mistake, I now had to pay full price to replace a pair of earrings that I had bought on sale, and had arrived broken.  Another time, I ordered a blue dress in the size XS, but it came up small on me, so I sent it back.  I received an email saying that a black size S dress was being sent out to me.  IMMEDIATELY i sent back an email saying NO that is not my order.  They said ah well nothing we can do about it.  So I sent back the dress again, and third time lucky, I got the right dress.  Now this next story just strikes me as ridiculous!  I ordered a PINK COAT, and received a very small package the next day.  My mum said to me 'bit small for a coat' but I just stupidly though, ah they must have packed it really well.  Opened it.  What fell out I hear you ask?  A black, thin jumper.  Now.  If my order said 'PINK COAT' who the hell packed and checked my parcel?!  Seriously.  What the hell?  I emailed them out straight away, and they said they would replace it.  I waited for the next day to come.  No parcel.  Really fuming now, I emailed saying you were meant to send it out, they said: Saturday isn't a delivery day.  I said it is, I have ASOS Premier.  She said she would investigate.  Oops she had made a mistake!  OMG seriously was so angry about this.  And what do they do every single time as way of apology? 10% off.  Which I can get with student discount.  Once upon a time, ASOS was amazing in every respect.  But now, prices are really increasing, sale prices are always being highered and lowered, and customer service is seriously awful.  
Come on ASOS, sort it out.

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