Sunday, 13 February 2011

This too shall pass..

And so, after a brief moment of self-pity and sadness, one has picked oneself up off her behind again, and is steadfastly and determinedly planning her plan for the future!Redundancy? PAH! You have not got the better of me you little terror!  I have a fully fledged plan in my mind=]

But alas, one thing saddens me hugely..gone are the free skincare samples, the free glycolic peels once a week, the waxing, the botox, the lip fillers..the cost-price vitamin C serum, hydration serum, cleansers, toners, make up!!!!! Oh the grief and the seperation anxiety..HOPEFULLY though I will be picking up the cost-price Clarisonic I ordered on Monday, as a kindly ex-colleague feels I have drawn rather the short end of the straw (if anyone has any tips on this little gadget, I would love to hear them)..after today I will get around to regular blogging, including photographs all of my own, and my face!I have a small haul of products to share with you when I get round to it including: glotherapeutics 10% Vitamin C Serum (ongoing use since November); glohydration (ongoing use since November); Revlon Color Stay foundation (Natural Tan); plus some Accessorize make up *swoon* < name just a few because trust me, I have bought waaaaaaay too much stuff for someone who has just lost their job!  Anyways, I am off to catch up on The Good Wife <3 Boardwalk Empire <3 and Mad Men!

Goodnight gorgeous ones!xx

I believe the title quote come from the Bible..A very, very true and meaningful saying!

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